One-stop shop to manage ALL types of customer communications & customer preferences - for all your library services

For the first time ever, libraries can consolidate the many systems they currently need to communicate with their customers

Proscribe helps ensure your library stays relevant to the community it serves...

  • It includes the most advanced: Event Management, Customer Contact, Survey Management & Subscription Management Services available on the market
  • Libraries can measure, using live customer-preference data, the effectiveness of each service they offer
  • Tailor your customer contact to match exactly what the customer wants & via the contact method they want to receive it
  • Allow your customers, at any time, to opt in to services that interest them; and opt out when it suits them

Subscription Management

Allow customers to choose what interests them, and how they want to receive information: Email? SMS? Whatever works best for them.

Easily adapt to changing customer needs & interests.


Our event system is designed to help your customers manage their event bookings, and to easily communicate with registered, waiting or interested customers using our integrated messaging system.


Whether it's something urgent you need to tell customers or periodic communications, Proscribe handles both.

Send messages linked to your events & topics to match customer interest & demand.