Proscribe Intelligent messaging engine

Hear about our intelligent management system

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Our intelligent messaging system is the most flexible on the market.

Our intelligent messaging system is the core of our suite:

  • Our messaging system provides a single integrated system to communicate with users based on their topic choices, event registrations or just for critical communication to all members
  • The messaging system also lets you communicate with users of our survey and event system, so you can send reminders, or changes of venue to people who have registered to an event

Email, SMS, Voice and Social media

  • The messaging system not only supports the standard email messaging, but also allows you to communicate via SMS or Text to speech voice messages, for more urgent communications. When selecting a topic of interest, a user can also choose the desired method, or methods of contact.
  • As well as sending out communications directly to subscribed users, you can simultaneously post the news to your Facebook page or your twitter account through the common messaging interface.