Proscribe Subscription Management

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Our Customer Subscription Management System is the most advanced on the market.

Our subscription management system allows your customers to manage all aspects of the information and communication from you to them..

Customers choose just the information they want.

  • Many businesses now provide a range of services, and getting clients the information they need without driving them away is a major challenge.
  • With our subscription management system, you can present a comprehensive list of all the information and services you provide and allow the customer to choose just what information they want to know, they might find services of yours that they never knew existed.
  • The customers can optin as well as optout of whichever service interested them at the time, without automatically opting out of everything if they lose interest in one service.

Select communication methods

  • Not only can they choose from your selection of services, they can also select the method of contact, from standard email to SMS or Text to speech voice messages. Our messaging system allows you to send a message via one or all of these types, as well as simultaneously post to Twitter or Facebook.
  • You choose what methods you want to use and let your customer select their preference.

Subscription management system technical details.

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