Event management

Business Talk

  • Dave gives some brief examples and case studies
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    Business Talk

  • Dave outlines technical aspects of our Event management system
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    Our Event Management System is the most advanved on the market.
    It can do all the following that most others cannot:

  • Control the number of places available.
  • Automatically creates and manages a waiting list.
  • Automatically informs those on the waiting list when a space becomes free.
  • Allows customers to invote guests (the number of guests is under your control).
  • Allows you to ask for pre-confirmation prior to the event.
  • You can see who confirmed or cancelled their reservation.
  • Will automatically send the attendee list to the organizer of the event.
  • You can keep records of who attended, and message them after the event.
  • You can ask just those who attended to provide feedback about the venue event, or invite them to a follow up event.