One-stop shop to manage ALL types of customer communications & customer preferences - for all your business services

For the first time ever, businesses can consolidate the many systems they currently need to communicate with their customers

  • Proscribe includes the most advanced: subscription management, event management, customer contact management and survey management services available on the market.
  • Businesses can measure, using live customer-preference data, the effectiveness of each service they offer.
  • Tailor your customer communications to match exactly what the customer wants & via the contact method they want to receive it.
  • Allow your customers, at any time, to opt in to services that interest them; and opt out when it suits them.

Customer Contact Management

  • Subtley inform customers about each service you offer
  • Let customers subscribe to exactly what interests them
  • Tailor & target messages to reach just those who want them

Event Management

  • Able to request event pre-confirmation (to sure up attendance numbers)
  • Inform just those registered about changes to an event (cancellation, change of venue, etc.)
  • Allow members to invite guests... and ask for their name, age, etc.

Survey Management

  • Invite just those who attended an event to offer feedback, such as their thoughts on the venue, the speaker, would they attend again, etc.
  • Set up a general survey that's open to all customers.

Subscription Management

  • Let your customers select exactly what information they are interested in, as well as what contact method (email, sms, voice) that they prefer.
  • Use the message system to send information to just those who want it.